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Indonesia's tech review, news, headline and more!

Hello there I'm a 14 year old boy. That's trying to blog. I will be doing tech reviews, news, and headlines and so much more. 
Always remember to pay it forward.

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Best podcast for teens!

Alright, there's a lot of podcast in a lot of platforms like Spotify, apple music, and many others. If you search for a stories and...

The new TommyInnit's SMP

So it started when Tommy, Tubbo, Philza, and Wilbur messing around with a new Minecraft mod. The new mod that they're messing around...

Fossil fuel air pollution

Air pollution... What do we know about them? Well they're bad for your lungs but we all make air pollution happened. What if I tell you...

Lenovo IdeaPad flex 5i

This is my first tech review so I'm gonna keep it simple. Lenovo IdeaPad flex 5i is a new 2 in 1 laptop from Lenovo with high specs for...

Past vs Today

This is a story about my past life vs my life today My past life is unique. I think no one have an experience like mine in the age 10. I...

The story of my sinful life

So... there is a boy called Owen. He is now 13 and overcomes his fear which is him self. Let me tell you a story about Owen. So, 3 years...

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