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Fossil fuel air pollution

Air pollution... What do we know about them? Well they're bad for your lungs but we all make air pollution happened. What if I tell you that air pollution killed more than 8 million people per year, yes per year. The problem is we don't even realized it we just let the organization do all the work for us to stop our own doings. Even now, the pandemic haven't change the air, from the pollution but the crazier thing is that air pollution death is higher than the pandemic in 2020. We could save those numerous of lives by just saving our fuel and not waste it.

People haven't even realized that the pandemic is smaller than what we do to our air each and every day. If you do realized it, good for you good for the air good for everyone. You guys are being remembered by a 14 year old minor for god sake open your eyes. Imagine 8.7 million people died every year, humongous number.

You may ask how to prevent or decrees the number of death, well its actually quite simple

  1. If you're travelling somewhere close just use a bike or just walk don't use your gas transportation.

  2. If you want to go shopping buy your own reusable cloth bag don't you dare use plastic bags.

Just those 2 simple steps. Thank you for reading I haven't spend too much time on the blogs that I made its because I'm 14 and there is a test next week. So please do share this to your friends to your families or your neighbor. Thanks and always remember to pay it forward.

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