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The story of my sinful life

So... there is a boy called Owen. He is now 13 and overcomes his fear which is him self. Let me tell you a story about Owen. So, 3 years ago he found him self at a very difficult situation, he became a porn addict. He was just scrolling through some websites and found this interesting ad about porn. He became an addict so young, he started masturbating too. When he turned 12 he have a lot of friend, but they never talk to him, this is so sad this boy went to school and he is invisible to his friend. He said to his mom I'm having a good day, but really he's having a bad day every day. They never response what I say. So... Owen started masturbating because it felt good. Then he watched this video about don't watch porn. He then gather information online about human emotions, which he found interesting he studied hard about it. He's now making this website called mewithhim to help people emotionally and physically, which what his dream is.


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