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Past vs Today

This is a story about my past life vs my life today

My past life is unique. I think no one have an experience like mine in the age 10. I was a very naughty, arrogant, always lie about stories to impress or to make my friends or family laugh. When my 11 year old's birthday I remember wishing for a phone and a new personality... yeah I know, I was a pretty weird boy back then. Then I got it, I got the phone and a change of personality, I was no longer arrogant but, these new sin kicking in. So when I was 11, I ran into some interesting ads. I was a porn addict, and a huge phone gamer after I got my phone. It was horrible, it felt great after I did it, but trust me it's just a short term feeling. I'm now forgiven and not being a porn addict, but I'm still struggling with it for quite a while now. My tips and tricks on my other blogs still works perfectly and fine for now, if I'm back at it again I'll be sure to update my blog about that. Thank you for all of your support I won't be uploading until this whole Christmas thing is over. Thank you for reading

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